Stop the Drip!

Introducing our wine collar drip catchers with re-usable and washable felt inserts! These innovative wine accessories are designed to prevent those pesky drips and stains down the side of your bottle, ensuring a mess-free and seamless pouring experience every time. Our felt inserts are not only highly absorbent, but also re-usable and washable, making them a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for any wine lover. Simply slip the collar onto the neck of your wine bottle, insert the felt strip, and voila! You're ready to pour with confidence and ease. Upgrade your wine game today with our wine collar drip catchers.

A Must Have for Wine Lovers

Drips to Sips wine collars fit around the neck of a wine bottle to absorb those annoying drips that run down the bottle after pouring.

Say Goodbye to Stains Like This Forever

You'll never have to worry about cleaning pesky wine stains like these when you use Drips to Sips wine collars.

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  • Stop the Drip

    Stop the Drip

    Our wine bottle collars fit around the neck of your favorite wine bottle. The collar catches drips when wine is poured and prevents wine running down the wine label, while protecting your tabletops from stains.

  • Drips to Sips Pride collars, olive oil bottles

    Multi Purpose

    Drips to Sips wine collars can also be used on most standard size Olive Oil bottles. In addition, they serve great as decorative napkin rings. Style your table at your next dinner party!

  • Reusable & Washable

    Reusable & Washable

    The felt liner inside our Drips to Sips wine collars can easily be removed and washed if needing, making our collars convenient and environmentally friendly.

A Great Gift Idea!

Drips to Sips are the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life. They make for a great hostess gift or stocking stuffer, and are perfect for your next wine or charcturie night.

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